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African Americans hold only 4% of all STEM Professionals jobs in the United States. Our goal is to bridge the gap by helping to produce the next generation of “Ethnic STEM Professionals”


Welcome to the official Ethnic Online STEM Foundation Website!  My name is Leonard Webb Founder & CEO of Ethnic Online, New England’s Magazine for Ethnic Professionals, please join me as we build the next generation of Ethnic STEM Professionals. For the past 10 years, Ethnic Online has showcased & profiled the best of the best in Ethnic Professionals & College Students excelling in their studies. Our research shows that most parents aren’t aware of the value of STEM education, our goal is to close that gap!

The Ethnic Online STEM Foundation will offer quarterly STEM 101 Workshops throughout New England designed to educate parents on the value of STEM education.  At the workshops, parents will learn that STEM touches everything around us, from medicine, computers, bridges & highways, planes and trains just to name a few.  This is where parents will also be taught how to identify STEM potential in their children, thus exposing them at an early age how fun and engaging STEM can be, and walk you through the next steps.  The Ethnic Online STEM Foundation will provide 3 STEM Summer Camps throughout New England check out the EVENTS Section of our website that outlines the upcoming debut of our STEM Camps.

With a number of fun and stimulating Fundraising events scheduled, you will quickly find the Ethnic Online STEM Foundation your hidden gem in building the next generation of Ethnic STEM Professionals. Let’s build together.

Leonard Webb,
Founder & Executive Director.


Founder & Executive Director

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