About Us


The Ethnic Online STEM Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Ethnic Online, New England’s Magazine for Ethnic Professionals, who for the past 10 years has profiled the contributions and success stories of Ethnic Professionals (Ethnic GEMS) and college students who are excelling in their studies (Ethnic GEMS in the Making) along with additional relevant content.

With that being said, there is no shortage of Ethnic Professionals in New England, but there is a huge gap in the number of Ethnic Professionals, specifically Blacks and Latinos working or teaching in a STEM field. Our goal is to close that gap by 
“building the NEXT generation of Ethnic STEM Professionals”.

 Together, alongside my incredible advisory board members, check out their bios in our “Our Board” section all with STEM backgrounds, we are introducing a number of programs, such as 3 STEM Summer Camps throughout New England, STEM 101 for Parents as well as STEM Scholarships for students wishing to continue their STEM education, all with the goal of “building the NEXT generation of Ethnic STEM Professionals”

We will also collaborate with “like-minded” STEM organizations, both nonprofit and for-profit Companies, who also have similar goals and initiatives, that could range from increasing STEM job opportunities to supporting STEM awareness campaigns.

 So again, we welcome you to the Ethnic Online STEM Foundation and look forward to working with you as together we “build the NEXT generation of Ethnic STEM Professionals” your feedback and input will always be welcomed!


African Americans & Latino Professionals hold only 4% of all STEM Professionals jobs in the United States. Our goal is to bridge the gap by helping to produce the next generation of “Ethnic STEM Professionals”.